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The Business of Document Retrieval

COMPEX Legal Services, Inc. has provided litigation support services for law firms and insurance companies for more than 27 years.One of the primary services COMPEX offers is the retrieval and duplication of documents. These documents can be anything from medical records and X-rays to employment and business forms, many of which are only originally available on microfilm.

Before COMPEX began using SunRise Imaging microfilm scanners, documents that needed to be duplicated from microfilm were printed directly from the original film. This process was slow and the quality was often poor. To speed up the process and improve the print quality of microfilm documents, COMPEX purchased SunRise's P150 series scanners.

SunRise Makes the Grade

COMPEX was so pleased with the SunRise P150 scanners that in 2001, they upgraded to the S2000 scanner to take their documentation retrieval services to an even higher level of quality.

Now, instead of duplicating microfilm documents directly from film to printer, documents are captured from film in bi-tonal and single tiff format. This process produces higher quality documents that can easily be shared digitally.

Increased Productivity and Quality

Parviz Rezvani, General Manager of Production for COMPEX said, "The conversion gave us the ability to significantly increase our productivity, and decreased our turn around time from the capture to delivery of the hard copies." Rezvani added that "We also have the ability to post images on our website, and provide a CD Rom of the images when requested."

The S2000 gives COMPEX the ability to store digital images and provide copies to their clients in any format that they request, in a matter of minutes.

"The image quality is very good, the scanners are very durable, and over the past 3 years we have never had any major down time. The service support has been excellent," said Rezvani.

The Biggest Becomes the Best

Today, COMPEX maintains a client base that includes virtually every major insurance company and law firm in California and Texas, making it one of the largest companies of its type in the United States. To the clients of COMPEX, speed and accuracy are of utmost importance. Using the technology of SunRise Imaging Systems, COMPEX is able to guarantee their clients both.


Using the SunRise P150 scanners, COMPEX improved the quality and efficiency of documents that are restored from microfiche. In addition, COMPEX can now share documents via the internet, thus significantly expanding their business capabilities.

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