Scanner Modules

Scanflo Professional


Film types

  • 16mm, 35mm
  • Cine/Comic (portrait/landscape)
  • Simplex/Duplex/Multiplex,
  • Blipped (single, double, triple, delete)
  • COM Roll, Oil Well Logs


  • Cartridge film adapter
  • 1000 ft Reel adapter
  • High Speed Rewind


Film types

  • Standard 6"x4" and jumbo fiche 7"x5"
  • Jacketed and COM fiche
  • Cine/comic (portrait/landscape),
  • Simples/Duplex/Multiplex,
  • COM, Oil Well Logs, AB Dick,
  • Microx, Step & repeat fiche


  • Reflective title bar
  • AB Dick locator pins

Aperture Card

Film types

  • 80 column Hollerith card
  • Single image pocket
  • Multiple T-card pocket

Microfilm Types Supported

Film polarities Negative/Positive
Reduction Ratio 7x – 72x Note: Minimum range can be lowered by use of option extension tubes
Image Orientation Rotated 90,180,270, Mirrored

Output File Format

Compression types Bi-tonal: TIFF uncompressed, TIFF CCITT G4, Multi page TIFF 1, & 2, PDF, and PDF LZW
Grayscale: TIFF uncompressed, TIFF LZW, JPEG (8-bit), GIF (8-bit), PDF, and PDF LZW
Max image height High Speed mode: 4080 pixels
High Resolution mode: 8160 pixels
Document size A0 – A4 (A – E)

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