Case Study – Life Insurance

FIC Insurance Group

Service Across the Country

FIC Insurance Group is a group of life insurance providers that includes two companies: Investors Life Insurance Company of North America and Family Life Insurance Company. Together they service clients throughout the entire country. Managing the large volumes of documentation contained within each client's file is an ongoing challenge for FIC employees.

Before FIC began a back-file conversion of all microfiche images into a digital format, FIC employees found it very difficult to share documents. Also, because all policy documents were on microfiche, the document quality was often poor and the process was very slow. Sharing documents within the company was also a challenge.

Going Digital With SunRise

About two years ago, FIC began using the SunRise 2000 Microfilm Scanner to convert all files from microfiche into a digital TIFF format. Carmen Gattuso, Project Manager for FIC, says that FIC is very pleased with the conversion process, which is ongoing. According to Gattuso, using the SunRise scanner is significantly improving the file sharing capabilities at FIC.

"Once a document is converted into a digital format, multiple people can view it 24/7," said Gattuso. Digitized documents are available whenever they are needed. They can be accessed throughout the company and can be posted to the web.

Gattuso said, "The scanners are very intuitive. They are easy and quick to use." Employees at FIC are able to use the scanners to digitize documents from microfiche on an as need basis.

Increased Efficiency and Lowered Costs

"The scanners have increased efficiency and lowered costs because we no longer have to film documents," said Gattuso. " Having our documents in digital format makes the work easier. Everything is saved as a TIFF and then our imaging system takes it from there," Gattuso added.

FIC Insurance Group, servicing clients throughout the nation, handles enormous amounts of documentation. Using the technology that SunRise Imaging offers, FIC is able to manage their documentation efficiently and with the integrity that they promise their clients.

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