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Sunrise Imaging Inc. releases Apollo HS scanner processing enhancements.

Santa Ana, CA — Feb 1, 2018 -- Sunrise microfilm scanners have an embedded PC running Windows operating system. The capabilities of the motherboard are constantly improving.

Apollo HS customers can upgrade their systems by replacing the motherboard with an updated one.

According to Robert Lasnik, “Apollo HS has always included an i7 motherboard. We now supply one with SSD as the ‘C’ drive. This greatly speeds up the processing on the scanner.

We also are shipping Apollo HS with a 1 Terabyte SSD ” as standard. Large SSD drives are quiet, low power, and fast. Not just any motherboard can be used, it must have the capability

to support the Sunrise proprietary motion control boards, and image capture card.”

Robert Lasnik serves as Executive Vice President of SunRise Imaging Inc, and is responsible for customer support

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