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SunRise Imaging Inc. Santa Ana, CA — June, 2017

Sunrise Imaging Inc. announced Automatic Camera Position Option

Santa Ana, CA — June 1, 2017 — Sunrise microfilm scanners have optical ZOOM, as the means to get the maximum image quality during scan. The alternative is to use digital extrapolation, with the camera a fixed position, but this technique introduces distortion in the image, which Sunrise refuses to except. This means the operator has to position the camera to achieve the required scan DPI. The scan DPI is the product of the reduction ratio and the output DPI desired.

To simplify the operators job, Sunrise now offers a motorized camera positioning option. When the operator enters the reduction ratio number and DPI Scanflo determines the scan DPI and moves the camera to the correct position. So the operator only has to focus the lens. Scanflo Software indicates the correct lens focus setting, for fast lens setup.

According to Robert Lasnik, “The Automatic camera head height feature greatly simplifies scan setup, be minimizing the time to move camera. Untrained operators

do not know the physics of the scanner, and have to be taught how to do this process. By automating this process, we have made using the scanner much easier.”

Robert Lasnik serves as Executive Vice President of SunRise Imaging Inc, and is responsible for customer support.

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