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Sunrise Imaging Inc. Announces Scanflo Application Fiche Enhancements

Santa Ana, CA — Oct 1, 2017 --The latest version of Scanflo, has been enhanced to make it easier to scan fiche in “live” mode and virtual scan mode. Fiche can be scanned with only a single keyboard keypress. The operator inserts the fiche, presses one key to launch the scan process. If a jacket fiche has empty pockets, the operator can direct the scanner to ignore the unused pockets to save scan time. Speeds as high a 100 fiche per hour are reported. Sunrise Imaging Inc’s latest version of scan application has features that Production microfilm scan service bureaus want. For example Fiche created by inserting rollfilm strips into pockets (referred to as Jacketed Fiche), can be scanned faster if the software knows how many of the pockets have film in them. This simple concept is a real time saver when only one pocket is filled.

A fiche thumbnail image is now a standard feature. This tif image file can be used to QA the scan.

According to Robert Lasnik, “highly accurate fiche positioning is not necessary for jacketed fiche because the scanner overscans the pockets, and using Virtual Scan to extract the pages post scan eliminates having the scanner operator spending time to review the automatically found pages in the pockets. Virtual Scan takes only a few minutes to find all the pages post scan.”

The Virtual Scan strip files are square TIF or JPG image files . Since all of the original film image is available in the strip files, it will never be necessary to re-scan the fiche In the future if a different output image type is desired (say a PDF) with a different page size, the Scanflo application can be easily re-run to produce the new output image files.

Scanflo VS shows as a continuous view of the whole fiche, identical to the view used in rollfilm scanning. No special servers are required to handle the strips, and the Virtual Scan application runs on any PC.

Robert Lasnik serves as Executive Vice President of SunRise Imaging Inc, and is responsible for customer support.

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