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Windows7 is a better operating system.

Santa Ana, CA — August 6, 2010 — The latest version of Microsoft Windows is quickly becomeing the new standard of Scanning IT departments. The new ScanFlo "Professional" version 2.64 shipping now, installs on it.

Microsoft's latest PC operating systems has many new features that Production microfilm scan service bureaus want.

According to Dennis Childs CTO, "The question was, 'what will replace Windows XP?' Windows7 is the answer. Windows7 is fast and stable with merit for embedded imaging applications. We had to wait for our vendors to release hardware drivers for Windows7, but the wait was worth it."

Windows 7 has many new features that augment Scanflo and Rowscan for example: the New Explorer has powerful image file viewing capabilities, and Win7 supports touch screen and gesters which make using imaging software easier than ever. Transparency on the desktop dialogs helps you locate dialogs that would otherwise be hidden. Overall the new look is much better

Scanflo version 2.64 has important new improvements for Windows7 related to use of system memory. The new operating system takes advantage of features supported by the new multi core motherboards that new SunRise scanners are using.

New On-line help – more topics, more pictures, more links, more detailed explanations. A huge number of FAQ's bring up topics you need to know, and solutions to real world problems that you will encounter.

New Manuals – ScanFlo Professional manual targets each module more in-depth explanations. More screen shots are used to show how to operate. Included are examples of image processing, and the zone method of describing grayscale images.

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