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SunRise Imaging Inc. released a new version of its Scanflo software.

Santa Ana , Calif., October 4, 2013 - SunRise Imaging, Inc. (SRI), the global leader in high-performance, production microfilm scanning systems, announced today, that it now offers Version 3.20 3:1 Scanning Software for its Apollo, Apollo HS, SpeedScan,TurboScan and RapidScan scanners. The new version includes updates to both Scanflo Premier and Scanflo Professional. Customers can choose the classic Professional user interface or the new Premier user interface.

3.20 includes all bug fix and new feature patches to 3.11:

  • Apcard hollerith namer field
  • TrueDPI calc fix
  • RowWise speedscan drift
  • Roll setup 8K issue fix
  • Fiche Rowwise other type fix
  • Camera version 4.05 fix (selective based on camera rev)

3.20 bug fixes and new features:

  • Fast rewind for X730 board
  • X730/X700 Rollfilm detect
  • SriTestConsole with improved tests
  • Audible Noise in RF Detect setup fix.
  • Automatic stop at end of roll during rewind/wind
  • Three options when MAX DIST REACHED
  • Grayout of controls in Rollfilm setup during batch scan
  • %BL batch scan fix

Premier bugs fixes:

  • Suggested settings corrections
  • Need to run in ADMIN mode fix
  • Camera tab Load button sometime requires multiple clicks

Installer changes:

  • Unbundle Sapera, pc2camlink and hasp drivers from scanflo
  • Overwrite of existing Scanflo to eliminate need to remove

Improved service test software, with more tests, and more accurate tests.

Over the past twenty two years, SunRise has been an innovator in the development of high-performance, high-speed scanners and has the largest worldwide installed base. SunRise scanners are used to digitize microfilms in more national archives, libraries, newspapers, government agencies, and service bureaus in more countries than any other brand of production scanner in the world.

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