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Santa Ana , Calif., Sept 1, 2013 - SunRise Imaging, Inc. (SRI), the global leader in high-performance, production microfilm scanning systems, announced today, that it now offers an improved version of its X700 Rollfilm module control the X730

SunRise Imaging Inc. more GREEN every SUNRISE!

Sunrise Imaging Inc. once again lowers power consumption, lowers audiable noise, and handles film more gently.

Technical improvements of the X730:

Integrate H drivers replace discrete CMOS totem pole drivers for left and right reels. The design has protection against shorts and thermal overload, and the H driver eliminates uses less power, eliminates waste heat, improved life.

FPGA digital signal processor(DSP)replaces the dual state machines controlling tensioning. The DSP handles the signals very intelligently, and film loads very smoothly and quitely, without help from scanning application software. When the load starts the X730 uses low torque to remove slack film, then switches to higher torque mode for scan tensioning

Surface mount componentsThe new design was engineered for production with the latest manufacturing techniques, insuring high reliablity.

Extensive self test features are provided for rapid fault detection. A bank of diagnostic switches allows observation of internal parmseters such as capstan position, and encoder arm position, improving servicing.

X730 Capabilities

Retrofitable on older Rollfilm modules and works with any version of scanflo. No new code is required for basic operation.

The X730 supports fast rewind and fast wind The operator controls the rewind process with variable speed, allowing him to rewind a 200foot reel in under 20 seconds.

Supports 1000 foot reels (Pancake reels), and Cartridges Additional control was added for loading all types of roll film. Momentary events no longer stop scanning, and the X730 helps lower the encoder arms during unload, not relying on gravity alone.

Protects investment in scanning hardware by making improvements without obsoleting hardware and software. The New X730 board is an exact replacement for the X700 Rollfilm module contoller, fitting inside all older Rollfilm modules, and using the same connector plugs, AND it works without need for any new software.

About Sunrise Imaging Over the past twenty years, SunRise has been an innovator in the development of high-performance, high-speed scanners and has the largest worldwide installed base. SunRise scanners are used to digitize microfilms in more national archives, libraries, newspapers, government agencies, and service bureaus in more countries than any other brand of production scanner in the world.

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