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Sunrise Imaging Inc announces new Scanflo version with integrated Virtual Scan mode.

Santa Ana, CA, Jan 4, 2016- SunRise Imaging, Inc., the leader in high-performance microfilm-scanning products used to convert rollfilm, microfiche and aperture cards to digital format, announced today that the latest version of Scanflo Premier has integrated virtual scan (VS) mode. The term "Virtual Scan" comes from the technique of scanning microfilm to strip files with post scan processing of the strips files into individuals pages using software that mimics "Live Scan" of microfilm.

According to Dennis Childs of Sunrise Imaging Inc, "Sunrise has supported virtual scan mode since RowScan was introduced in 1997 on the Sunrise P3 modular scanner. Sunrise has been had strip scanning mode for nearly 20 years. In 2006 we introduced ReelScan for Rollfilm, and now we have integrated VS into Scanflo Premier with greatly simplified processing, and higher performance. We eliminated the need for Queue processing, and dedicated servers. This version of VS mode has take quite a while to perfect, but we wanted to insure Premier's VS mode achieved high performance while dealing with very difficult films."

"Scanflo Premier makes the strip files, and the new VS mode processes the strips post scan on a workstation or a scanner.

VS mode includes the following:

  • Greatly simplified scanner setup: the complex tasks are done post scan.
  • All Scan modes and features of Scanflo Professional and Scanflo Premier are available in VS mode.
  • Publish grayscale and bitonal output pages in PDF, TIF, JPEG... file types.
  • Automatic naming using batch scan mode.
  • Simplex and Duplex framing - up to 20,000 pages per reel folder.
  • Single page and multi-page file types. Frame list controls adjustment of individual frame attributes.
  • Crop /deskew and image filtering for clean up of image.
  • Three level Blip processing and Blip counting.
  • Rotation, Mirror, Positive/Negative polarity.
  • Review the whole fiche or reel image after finding the frames, to spot mistakes and correct them.
  • Zoom out to see hundreds of pages at once, or drill in to see one page magnified. Multi-batch mode allows unattended processing of many reels or fiche without operator input.
  • and much more..."

Mr Childs said "Some microfilms types are difficult to work with and the new features introduced in VS mode provide the tools needed. Frankly it would not be feasible to handle these films without VS."

"Eliminate having to re-scan because all of the image data is preserved. Even the portion of the film outside the page frames."

"Keep the strip files as a "Digital Master" for future processing to extract pages. These raw scan files can be used for scan on demand mode."

"VS can execute on a PC workstation eliminating time needed on the scanner. For Duplex scanning the strip scan rate can be over 800 pages per minute. All pages on an entire reel can be automatically found a few minutes. The pages are published from the disk files at over 1000 pages per minute."

"Blip counting allows a document to be indexed with "Book", "Chapter", "Page" or "Folder", "Document", "Page" numbers. After the pages are found the Book.Chapter.Page number can be entered, and VS will instantly position at that point in the scan.

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