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Sunrise Imaging Inc announces new standard features for the Apollo series scanner

Santa Ana, CA, Jan 21, 2015 - SunRise Imaging, Inc., the leader in high-performance microfilm-scanning products used to convert rollfilm, microfiche and aperture cards to digital format, announced today several hardware improvements to the Apollo and Apollo HS scanners system.

According to Robert Lasnik VP of Sunrise Imaging Inc, "We have upgraded the motherboard in the Apollo scanners, and they now support a 120GByte solid state drive making the operating system faster. We support multiple monitors, and DDR3 cache memory. We also include a removable Sata III drive bay with 1 Terabyte solid state drive. The new drives can write at up to 550 Megabytes per second."

Drive C: (system drive) Operating system and Scanflo software operates from this drive. It can used for scanning, but due to its size (120 GBytes), it will fill up rather quickly.

Drive E: (scan drive) This terabyte drive is intended for Scan data. It can be removed and using a USB3 cable it can be attached to a PC or server to transfer data to archive the scans.

"Production scanners produce a lot of data, and these new drives are not only large enough to scan continually all day, but also fast enough to keep up with the high page per minute that Apollo HS is capable of achieving.

"It used to be hard for the scanner hard drive to keep up with the scan data flow, but not any more."

"The new solid state drives eliminate many problems. The power consumed by the drives is extremely low (.1 Watt) / .25 Watt). Since there are no rotating parts there is no wearing of bearing, vibration, or need to remove heat, and no noise. They are also light weight, and small (2.5" drive size)."

"That is why we now include the solid state drives, they are just better in nearly every way."

"There is a bright future for solid state drives."

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