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SUNRISE IMAGING CELEBRATES 20 YEARS OF "A bright future for your Archives"

2010 marks the twentieth year of the remarkable history of SunRise Imaging, Inc. At the dawn of the Internet Age, more than twenty years ago, the company invented the modular production microfilm scanner and helped spawn Digital Archiving.

Santa Ana, California, July 31, 2010 - SunRise Imaging, Inc. (SRI), the global leader in high-performance production microfilm scanning systems, today announced its 20th anniversery.

Prior to SunRise coming on the scene, production digitizing of microfilm images was a tedious process and hugely expensive. Conversion of microfilm archives was based on specific needs because digitizing entire libraries of microfilms took forever, and computer servers were too small to hold the massive amounts of data produced. Today, Sunrise Scanners with multi-core CPUs and Terabyte hard drives make low cost Digital Archiving a reality.

At the Company celebration to commemorate the twentieth anniversary, Dennis Childs, President of SunRise Imaging since 2004, stated "Sunrise longivity is due to consistent introduction of faster scanners and software, utilizing the latest technologies, with excellent image quality, and higher reliability. SunRise continues to expanded global operations, and maintain its strong sales and service channel. We faced the challenges and persevered. Thanks to all SunRise customers for helping us reach this milestone."

Mr.Childs further added "SunRise is fortunate to have great engineering, support and sales teams world wide. We have the best people in our industry working together with one goal: To make SunRise a financially strong company, with reliable products that customers can count on for years to come."

"Sunrise is firmly committed to insuring a "bright future for your digital archives."

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