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Sunrise Imaging Inc. Announces LED Fiche Title  bar light option

Santa Ana, CA — Sept 1, 2017 -- Sunrise fiche scanner module has always had a reflective title bar light. The original concept was to illuminate the fiche title bar, which could be opaque with a light bulb from above rather than using a backlight from below. Sunrise now offers an LED replacement light, saving power, producing less heat and more evenly illuminating the title bar. Superior image quality results. The title bar image is now saved in the scaled down resolution rather than in the scan DPI (TrueDPI), saving disk space, and making  the view of the title bar easier. OCR of the Title bar is enhanced by the higher quality. Sunrise Imaging Inc’s scan application has features that Production microfilm scan service bureaus want.

For example Fiche Title bar contains indexing information that is often essential to using the scanned data. By saving the Title bar image the indexing can be done post scan.

According to Robert Lasnik, “The circular ring design is far better than the incandescent bulb design. More light is available, and the LED efficiency produces almost no heat. We offer the title bar light in WHITE and RED colors.” The title bar image can be saved as TIF/PDF/JPG . Scanflo VS shows as a continuous view of the whole fiche, identical to the view used in rollfilm scanning. No special servers are required to handle the strips, and the Virtual Scan application runs on any PC.

Robert Lasnik serves as Executive Vice President of SunRise Imaging Inc, and is responsible for customer support.

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