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SunRise Imaging Inc. Santa Ana, CA — Oct 1, 2018

Sunrise Imaging Inc. announced Windows 10 Operating is available on the Apollo HS scanners

Sunrise scanners have an embedded PC that runs Windows.  Windows 7 has been replaced by Windows 10, and Sunrise Apollo model now uses it.  Scanflo Premier which supports Virtual Scan has been available to run under Windows 10 for several years, and  the switch to Windows 10 for Live Scanning was widely anticipated.

According to Robert Lasnik, “We internally adopted Windows 10 when it was in Beta several years ago, and liked it.  Now that Windows 10 has proven to be a stable plateform that will be around for some time, we are happy to moved to it.  Windows 8 was a disaster for Microsoft, and made no sense for application in production microfilm scanners, and Windows 7 has passed out of support.  Motherboard suppliers have stable chip sets for Windows 10, and image capture have the necessary drivers for high speed linear CCD cameras.  I.T. departments world wide have started demanding all Win7 plateforms be replaced with Win10, for security reasons.

Robert Lasnik serves as Executive Vice President of SunRise Imaging Inc, and is responsible for customer support.

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